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Drinking Water & Sanitary Water Treatment

Even though mainly focused on industrial applications, ARTES Ingegneria has developed a long-term experience in designing and supplying package-type Sanitary Water Treatment (ARTES’ proprietary BIOCLAR process) and Drinking Water makers that find wide use in communities not directly linked to potable water and sewerage networks. Moreover the BIOCLAR biological treatment package is widely used in several industrial sites where waste water can be easily assimilated to urban sewage.

Among the most important applications of ARTES’ Sanitary Water Treatment (BIOCLAR) and Drinking Water makers:

  • Off-shore platforms, pumping and compression stations
  • Working and construction camps
  • Resorts, Hotels, Campings
  • Military camps
  • Camps for refugees
  • Hospitals and health centres
  • Abattoirs - dairies – distilleries
  • Wine-making industry
  • Farming industry