In the water & waste water treatment business since 1958, ARTES Ingegneria S.p.A. (BONO Artes) has gained extensive experience providing water and waste water treatment plants related to different Industrial Processes.

In particular extensive experiences have been consolidated in the following markets:

  • Oil & Gas, including up-stream and down-stream activities, Oil & Gas production, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Transportation, Sulphur Handling, Hydrocarbon Processing and Refining, Gas Liquefaction (LNG), Gas to Liquid (GTL) processes.
  • Petrochemicals, including fertilisers, olephines, hydrogen, methanol, aromatics, polymers, specialty chemicals.
  • Power Generation systems including gas fired power plants, coal fired, biomass fired, nuclear, solar.
  • Steel & Mining comprising iron and non-ferrous alloy extraction plant, automotive field, lead recovery industries, galvanic industry, steel production.
  • Food & Beverages including fresh and frozen food producers, canneries, dairies, slaughters  soft drinks and alcohol or wine production, according to health international organization requirements.
  • Textile - leather industries sewage treatment, natural and synthetic fibres  industry, industrial laundries.
  • Building & Construction providing process treatment plant for ceramic, cement factories, potability system and wastewater unit  for temporary working camp,
  • Tourism & Recreation Thus comprising both drinking water production , then sewage treatment plant for small communities, resort, hotels, camping, hospitals, sports centre, prisons, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals as process flow for medical production according to most severe international standards.