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Welcome to ARTES, founded in 1977 as the BONO Company in charge of waste water treatment. BONO, the mother Company, was already committed, right from its birth in 1958, to the excellence in the business of Steam Boilers and Boiler-Water Treatment.

At the incorporation of BONO into the Cannon Group in 1988, ARTES Ingegneria Spa consolidated into a single company the experience of water and waste water processes that diversely originated within the Group.

These treatment systems are designed by ARTES’ own engineers on its own know how and mostly on proprietary technologies.
Furthermore ARTES inherited the international attitude of a Group already present and successfully operating in more than 40 Countries.The innovative mind of the Group and, on the other hand, the strength of a multinational company, gave way to ambitious goals in the development of new technologies and growth of the Organisation.
ARTES is currently committed to the highest efficiency in Water and Waste Water Treatment systems fully compatible with the goal of "sustainable development" of industrial activities.


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